September 1, 2023
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7 Best Amazon Seller Tools To Try in 2024

In the dynamic Amazon world, statistics shed light on the challenging terrain sellers face.

Intriguingly, 46% of Amazon sellers achieve an average FBA success rate of 11% to 25%.

This data underscores the importance of strategic tools that can significantly influence sellers' outcomes.

What's even more encouraging is that a substantial 64% of Amazon sellers achieve profitability within a mere 12 months.

To unlock this potential and elevate your journey as an Amazon seller, delving into effective Amazon seller tools isn't just an option – it's a necessity.

Through these tools, you can steer your success in the competitive ecommerce landscape and defy the odds.

7 Best Amazon Seller Tools For Your Business

If you want to succeed in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace, it's important to take advantage of any tools that can make your business journey easier and quicker.

With so many options out there, it's worth taking a shortcut and finding out which Amazon seller tools are actually effective.

1. Helium 10


Helium 10 is a Software as a Service (SAAS) product that provides over 30 tools to help Amazon sellers increase their profits and make better financial decisions.

Although it has a Chrome extension that works while browsing Amazon, most of its tools are available through its web-based platform.

Helium 10 is especially useful for individual Amazon sellers who create their own listings using private label strategies.

With Helium 10, you can:

  • Discover products with potential profitability and conduct reverse searches using their reverse ASIN lookup tool.
  • Optimize your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to be more efficient and budget-friendly.
  • Manage your business operations more effectively, saving valuable time.
  • Eliminate ineffective keywords to enhance your listing's performance.
  • Identify high-performing keywords and execute thorough keyword research.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors selling on both Amazon and Walmart.
  • Safeguard your brand from unauthorized resellers or "hijackers."


Helium 10 offers various plans tailored to the specific services you require and the extent of your needs for each service.

Additionally, you can include "Follow-Up Booster Plans" alongside any of your selected plans.


2. AMZFinder


AMZFinder is a powerful Amazon FBA tool that helps manage product reviews and foster positive interactions with buyers across different languages and regions.

It makes it easy to sync reviews with orders and directly address negative feedback from buyers on multiple marketplaces.

Key features at a glance:

  • Personalized Email Rules: AMZFinder allows you to create customized email rules and schedule emails for specific times and dates. This feature provides flexibility in sending emails during order generation or fulfillment stages.
  • Wide Marketplace Support: With a global outlook, AMZFinder extends its support to numerous marketplaces across diverse countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Multi-lingual Communication: Recognizing the importance of linguistic diversity, the tool incorporates email templates in various languages. This functionality ensures seamless communication with customers from different linguistic backgrounds, enhancing their experience by engaging them in their preferred language.
  • Efficient Blacklisting: By implementing a blacklisting system, you can quickly identify customers who do not want to receive further communication. This feature helps you avoid sending repetitive or bothersome emails, which can improve your relationship with customers and increase the likelihood of positive reviews.


AMZ Finder provides a generous 30-day trial period, allowing you to explore its features before committing to a paying plan.


3. Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is another comprehensive all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers, addressing the entire spectrum from initial product research to successful product launches.

If you're in the stage of researching, validating, or sourcing Amazon products, Jungle Scout is your go-to tool.

Among its standout features are:

  • Supplier Database – This feature enables the swift identification of suitable manufacturers for your intended product. Additionally, it offers a competitive edge by allowing you to monitor competitors' ASINs to uncover their suppliers.
  • Product Research Tools – Combining advanced search filters with a substantial product database, Jungle Scout facilitates the rapid discovery of product ideas aligned with specific search criteria. Sorting options by country, categories, estimated sales, sales rank, and revenue further refine your search. An integrated fee profitability calculator aids in calculating potential earnings from a product. 
  • Accurate and In-depth Data Analytics – Jungle Scout provides precise data for elevating your Amazon FBA business, such as monthly search volume, PPC bids, ranking difficulty, and search trends.


Below are the pricing tiers Jungle Scout offers:

  • Basic Plan: $29 per month
  • Suite Plan: $49 per month
  • Professional Plan: $84 per month

4. SellerApp


The Seller App integrates marketing, sales, and operations tools into a user-friendly platform, enhancing your Amazon business.

It's a prominent Amazon seller tool, offering a generous free plan covering 2 products and 10 daily keyword searches.

Notable features include:

  • Profit Checker: The Amazon profit dashboard can boost sales by up to 54%, analyzing sales data swiftly for informed decisions.
  • Keyword Ranking Tracker: Seller App's free keyword tracker provides insights into Amazon rankings and searches, making it a valuable Amazon keyword tool.
  • Amazon PPC Tool: With efficient PPC campaign monitoring and planning, the Seller App aids in identifying high-value, low-cost keywords for successful Amazon PPC campaigns.


Here are SellerApp's pricing plans. 

  • Free
  • Pro Lite – $39 a month
  • Professional – $49 a month

5. Viral Launch


Viral Launch, a potent all-in-one Amazon seller tool, integrates research, marketing, copywriting, and sales support into a single platform, eliminating excessive expenses.

It encompasses essential tools for Amazon FBA sellers, including product discovery, keyword research, split testing, PPC automation, competitor insights, and product launch services.

With Viral Launch, you can:

  • Identify high-potential products
  • Analyze competition with the Viral Launch extension
  • Optimize listings with strategic keywords
  • Create optimized listings that outperform rivals
  • Launch products for swift sales and reviews
  • Execute effective Kinetic PPC campaigns
  • Enhance the business through split testing
  • Track keyword rankings and sales data for ongoing optimization..


Viral Launch offers 3 pricing plans depending on your business needs:

  • Essentials for$69 per month
  • Pro for$99 per month
  • Pro Plus Ads for $199 per month

6. Feedback Whiz


Feedback Whiz offers a comprehensive solution for managing product reviews and automating the review acquisition process on Amazon:

  • Efficient Email Automation: You can promptly request customer reviews through automated emails, leading to a rapid increase in product reviews.
  • Real-Time Alerts: The tool extends its utility to encompass robust product monitoring. It provides real-time alerts when competitors attempt to hijack listings or when changes occur in buy box ownership.
  • Positive Review Cultivation: It empowers you to nurture positive reviews and adeptly manage negative feedback, bolstering your online reputation.
  • Automated Tracking and Monitoring: The tool excels in automating the tracking of customer feedback, facilitating quick responses to potential issues that might result in unfavorable reviews.
  • Personalized Automated Emails: Customers can receive personalized automated emails thanking them for their purchase and asking for their feedback on Amazon. These emails are monitored for customer engagement and to identify effective messaging for conversions.


Feedback Whiz offers a free plan and 4 pricing plans, starting from $19.99.


7. RepricerExpress


Many sellers use repricing strategies to keep their products competitively priced.

Still, keeping up with the frequent price changes throughout the day can be challenging.

That's why Amazon sellers often turn to repricing tools like RepricerExpress to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

RepricerExpress offers strategic repricing solutions, enhancing your Amazon selling endeavors through:

  • Buy Box Optimization: Elevate your repricing strategy to secure Buy Box product placements.
  • Personalized Pricing: Empower yourself with customizable pricing strategies that balance competitiveness and profit margins.
  • Price Control: Set price limits, filter competitors, and exclude specific sellers to fine-tune your repricing approach.
  • Data-Driven Accuracy: Backed by data-driven technology, RepricerExpress minimizes pricing errors, ensuring precision in your repricing tactics.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: The tool dynamically adjusts your repricing based on inventory levels, Buy Box performance, sales history, and other vital factors.


RepricingExpress offers 4 pricing plans, each with a free trial:

  • Express for €75 per month
  • Plus for €209 per month
  • Ultimate for €359 p/m
  • Extreme for €1,099 p/m

Selecting Amazon Seller Tools: A Guide

The array of tools available to foster growth and profitability in FBA businesses extends beyond the scope of the best Amazon seller tools on this list.

Determining the right option depends on your experience as a seller, analysis needs, and finances.

As you begin your journey as an Amazon FBA Seller, use the platform's tools and sales reports. Once you have a solid foundation, identify areas where you want to focus on data analysis.

Begin by exploring free tools to see their effectiveness and upgrade as your business grows.

What Can Myos Do For Your Business?

No matter how big your business is, you must consider your budget. To grow, you have to work efficiently and effectively. 

Amazon sellers usually face limited liquidity and flexibility that hinder their growth, for various reasons, such as:

  • Escalating demand for top-selling products leads to liquidity challenges, as you need to invest in larger quantities, causing temporary liquidity shortfalls.
  • Allocating a significant cash flow to top products reduces financial flexibility, restricting the capacity to explore new offerings and invest in marketing.
  • Focusing on select products limits growth potential, creating dependency on a few items and curbing overall expansion possibilities.

Myos offers funding up to £2.5m without requiring any ownership stakes in return or personal guarantees.

With additional working capital, using Purchase or Stock financing, you can:

  • Invest in premium plans of various Amazon selling tools
  • Increase stock level
  • Finance your marketing
  • Open a new store
  • Expand your team
  • Carry out renovations

No matter which financing solution you choose, you will enjoy the following benefits:

✔️ No Guarantees, No Personal Risk:

  • Operate without personal guarantees, focusing solely on business growth.

✔️ Flexible Repayment, No Extra Costs:

  • Repay within 12 months at any time, with no added charges.
  • Return funds if no longer needed, concluding the Myos project without additional expenses.

✔️ No Supplier or Customer Interaction:

  • No intermediation; we don't purchase or sell goods to you.
  • Protects your competitiveness advantage; no contact with suppliers or customers.

✔️ Quick and Easy Processing:

  • Skip economic analysis, annual accounts, or lengthy business plans.
  • Apply online swiftly and easily. No extensive forms or paperwork are required.

✔️ Always Available for You:

  • Digital projects, yet personalized service.
  • Reach us via call, chat, email, or in-person visits at trade fairs or our offices in Berlin/London.

✔️ Sales Growth & Cost Reduction:

  • Ensure consistent product availability and timely deliveries.
  • Myos provides cash flow for growth, preventing stockouts and revenue loss.

Sign up today and get a free, non-binding offer!


Should You Invest In Amazon Seller Tools?

Using Amazon without seller tools is possible, but this may require more effort and cause more stress. Investing in Amazon seller tools boosts profits and saves time, making it a wise investment.

What Types of Tasks Can Amazon Seller Tools Help With?

Amazon seller tools can help with various tasks, including product research, keyword optimization, inventory tracking, competitor analysis, repricing, review management, order fulfillment, and marketing campaign management.

How Do I Choose the Right Amazon Seller Tools For My Business? 

Look for tools that align with your business model and address the areas where you need assistance. Read reviews, compare features, and consider pricing, ease of use, and customer support.

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