Cross Finance: boost
your cash flow

Avoid cash flow problems when waiting for payments from larger customers. We provide capital to you by using a portion of your current inventory as security. Myos will never contact your customers or manufacturers.

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Benefits of Myos Cross Finance

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No customer information

We do not require any data on suppliers or customers and thus protect your competitive advantage.

Shield and document

Products as collateral

Get finance completely without personal risk or guarantees - your inventory is our security.

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Flexible repayment

Once you have received the money from your customer, you can complete your Myos project directly on the Myos App.

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Stable cashflow

Be able to service large orders without compromising your cash flow.

Cross financing at a glace

How does Myos Cross Finance work?

Infographic explaining the Myos cross financing.Infographic explaining the Myos cross financing.

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Example cross financing

You produced chocolate biscuits worth 135.000€ for REWE and handed over the goods. REWE will only pay back the money in 3 months. However, you need the money immediately to buy raw materials for an Alnatura order. If you do not meet the Alnatura order, you would lose 135.000€ and risk your business relationship.

Myos will give you EUR 150,000 or more in exchange for a part of your stock as security. You give your goods as security and receive money in return. When you have received the money from REWE/ASDA, you simply settle the Myos project and end it prematurely. All without additional costs.

Good to know: A traditional factoring company collects the receivables from the debtors and therefore interferes massively in your customer relations. Myos never contacts your customers or manufacturers. Instead, we help you with capital so that you can bridge the waiting period until the payment is received. This allows you to supply major players with goods without your cash flow suffering.

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