How Funding Works

We have developed and optimised our AI-based financing algorithm from the perspective of ecommerce sellers: Myos only takes the products as collateral. No fixed costs, no personal risks, flexible repayment at any time.

Get your business loan in three easy steps

Myos App new financing request in dashboard

Apply in 5 minutes

No documents or private data required. We conduct AI product check based on open data. Just fill in your product's ASINs or EANs and tell us how you scout and fulfill your orders, and get an offer in 24 hours!

Myos app running financing project in dashboard

Get the money for your growth

We pay out your growth capital either after production, dispatch, or arrival of your goods. You can start selling a partial amount of goods immediately.

Myos app financing repayment in dashboard

Redeem your goods

After successful sales, you can settle part of the financing and we will release further inventory accordingly. You simply repeat this until the financing is completely settled and all products are released.

Fair Conditions

Simply pay per use. No minimum term. No fixed fees.

With Myos, you don't have to pay a fixed or lump sum that would penalize you if you repaid the funding earlier. You only pay a monthly fee on the outstanding capital. Your %-fee depends on your product scoring. If you repay earlier, you will pay less.

It pays to look closely! Many providers charge fixed fees over the entire term of the loan. In this case, you do not benefit if you can repay the loan faster, but pay the full amount. With Myos, on the other hand, you have full flexibility and only pay what you really need.

Time Table

Example of a financing process

March, 12th

You receive a confirmation of the approved loan amount and send us back the signed contract.


March, 21st

You receive the payment from Myos to your deposit account.


May, 28th

You redeem the first batch of your stock (e.g 10%) and repay a part of the loan back (also 10%).


June, 20th

You redeem the second batch of your stock (e.g 50%) and repay a part of the loan (also 50%) back.


July, 31st

You redeem the last batch of your goods and repay the rest of the loan back.

Grow faster with Myos

Your financing options at a glance

Shopping trolley and ATM card

Purchase Finance

Want to finance your future orders? Let Myos take care
of the deposit and balance payments for you.

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Warehouse and items

Stock Finance

Use your existing inventory
as collateral to fuel your store growth. Get growth capital
to invest in new product lines
or marketing.

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money and arrows

Cross Finance

Meet your immediate cash needs when waiting for a payment from a big customer - our alternative to factoring.

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