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We have developed and optimised our AI-based financing algorithm from the perspective of ecommerce sellers: Myos only takes the products as collateral. No fixed costs, no personal risks, flexible repayment at any time.

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70% of our customers repeat their funding with Myos, taking on average 5 loans per customer.

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Receive high rewards for every referral. Refer ecommerce customers for flexible financing solutions and exclusive benefits.

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Offer your services through our partner portal and marketing network and get new clients.

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You are operating in the ecommerce sector, building infrastructure for the sellers - be it warehousing, consulting services, or seller-targeted platforms.


You would like to grow your clients base and look for new ways of promotion.

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"We are proud to call Myos our long-standing partner. When it comes to speed and flexibility in financing matters, Myos is our standard point of contact. Even the most complex issues and individual solutions can be implemented together. The communication with the team is a pleasure and we know that we can always count on Myos as a partner."

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WHK Controlling
WHK Controlling team

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