July 28, 2023
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10 Free Ecommerce Marketing Tools To Use in 2023

Attention ecommerce entrepreneurs!

Are you eager to unlock the untapped potential of your online business and witness explosive growth?

Picture a range of compelling marketing tools available to you, all free

On our list are proven free ecommerce marketing tools that can help you grab your audience's attention, pique their interest, and create an irresistible urge to purchase your products.

Don't overlook the chance to revolutionize your digital marketing approach and turn your ecommerce business into a thriving success story - so keep reading!

The Power of Free Ecommerce Marketing Tools in Growing Your Online Business

One of the key benefits of free ecommerce marketing tools is that they offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for promoting and expanding your brand.

Using these tools, you can reach more people, bring more visitors to your website, increase sales, and engage customers without significant financial investment.


10 Free Ecommerce Marketing Tools To Try Out Now

In the highly competitive world of ecommerce, integrating the appropriate ecommerce marketing tools into your arsenal is necessary for success.

To thrive in this environment, consider experimenting with different ecommerce marketing tools.

And the best part is, you can do it without breaking the bank.

From email campaigns and ad services to pop-up notifications and mobile optimization, these tools can make a notable difference in gaining a competitive edge.

1. ClickUp – All Your Work In One Place


ClickUp is a versatile platform for managing productivity and planning.

It can help you streamline your marketing processes and campaigns by improving planning, scheduling, tracking, and collaboration.

You can also create customizable and shareable dashboards to monitor the progress of marketing campaigns and keep a close eye on key performance metrics.

Additionally, it allows integration with various marketing tools for social media management, email marketing, and analytics, providing valuable data-driven insights for marketing strategies.

However, some users may find ClickUp overwhelming initially, and its free plan has certain limitations. 


Multiple pricing plans are available for ClickUp, including a Free Forever plan with 100MB storage and unlimited tasks and members.

For more comprehensive features, paid plans start at $5, offering unlimited storage, integrations, dashboards, and more.


2. Hubspot –  An Inbound Marketing and Sales Software


HubSpot is an all-in-one business operating system that fully covers marketing, sales, service, and operational needs.

One of its standout features is the online form builder. It facilitates lead generation through custom conversion-ready forms and newsletter pop-ups effortlessly integrated into websites.

The platform's drag-and-drop email builder allows quick and professional email campaign creation.

At the same time, the extensive template library simplifies customer communication.

Moreover, HubSpot's social media management empowers brands to prioritize and manage social interactions effectively.

In summary, HubSpot emerges as an impressive all-in-one free ecommerce marketing tool that provides businesses with many tools and resources to streamline operations, enhance marketing efforts, and build strong customer relationships.


With the Free Tools feature, you can access free marketing, sales, service, CRM, and operations tools.


3. Sender – Email Marketing Platform


Sender is a leading marketing automation tool specifically tailored to assist ecommerce businesses in effortlessly creating and delivering high-converting marketing campaigns.

This tool is a rare combination of exceptional performance, feature-richness, and affordability:

1. Access pre-made design templates or create custom branded HTML designs from scratch using the user-friendly no-code email design tool.

2. Craft email campaigns with robust segmentation capabilities, ensuring high ecommerce personalization.

3. Implement automated email and SMS workflows that respond automatically to specific user behavior, events, or event-specific dates.

4. Utilize pre-existing automation recipes like welcome series, drip campaigns, and abandoned cart series, or create custom automation flows using Sender's intuitive drag-and-drop automation builder.

5. Leverage capabilities for email and SMS broadcasts, ensuring effective communication with your audience.

6. Enjoy high deliverability rates, thanks to strict anti-spam and anti-affiliate policies that enhance the quality of infrastructure and ensure better email delivery.


Sender offers several noteworthy advantages:

  • This platform is designed with an easy learning curve. Its accessibility makes it perfect for beginners and experienced marketers, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.
  • Sender prioritizes deliverability, ensuring that your marketing emails reach recipients' inboxes, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Even in the free forever plan, Sender provides the valuable feature of unlimited email automation. 

However, note that the presence of the Sender logo in the free forever plan may limit branding options for some users.


Sender offers a Free-forever plan that is suitable for businesses that are just starting out.


4. Beeketing – Marketing Automation for Ecommerce


In contrast to other marketing platforms that use a tiered pricing structure, offering more features as you move up the pricing tiers, Beeketing employs a different approach.

This tool is comprised of various individual apps, each with its functionalities.

For example, you can install multiple free apps or invest in specific paid tools to tailor a personalized marketing tool suite that precisely matches your business requirements.

Here s an overview of some free tools you may find interesting:

1. Better Coupon Box

  • Easily set up mobile-optimized website pop-ups with pre-designed templates.
  • While free coupon pop-ups lack audience targeting, you can still use them to promote upselling promotions and coupon codes.

2. Sales Pop

  • Display real-time purchase notifications to website visitors.
  • Access seasonal and holiday themes for pop-ups and customize their appearance and display settings.

3. Facebook Chat Widget

  • Seamlessly integrate Facebook Messenger with your website.
  • Automatically add customers to your Facebook subscriber list when they message you, and customize the widget's design and welcome message.

4. Countdown Cart Widget

  • Display stock availability, the number of people viewing a product, and the number of items sold.
  • Create limited-time offers to instill a sense of urgency among customers and choose from various holiday and seasonal themes.

5. Mobile Converter

  • Optimize your website for mobile devices, making it accessible to broader audience..
  • Create a mobile-optimized call-to-action and gallery for products without the need for coding.


With Beeketing's app-based pricing approach, you can choose the specific functionalities that align with your business requirements.

Additionally, the availability of free apps and the 15-day free trial for paid apps offer an opportunity to explore and experience the benefits before making a final decision..

5. Mention – Social Media Monitoring Tool


Mention is a highly effective tool designed for social media monitoring.

It will enable you to add branded and non-branded keywords to the tracker, keeping you updated on what is said about your business across the web.

The platform provides an inbox that consolidates daily notifications from websites where your company has been mentioned.

One of the key advantages of Mention is its assistance in managing negative web PR and promptly resolving customer issues.

Additionally, it offers a cross-platform solution for analyzing brand or product sentiment and understanding audience perception across the web and social media.


As a free ecommerce marketing tool, Mention offers comprehensive analytics within your industry, allowing you to measure the impact of your marketing and PR activities.

Furthermore, Mention facilitates social media post-scheduling and management.

Integrating with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the tool allows you to schedule posts in advance and choose the optimal posting times for your content.


The free version includes limited features, such as 1000 mentions, access to 3 social accounts, 1 alert, and 1 user.

6. Google Mobile-Friendly Test


Within seconds, the Google Mobile-Friendly Test allows you to gauge the mobile-friendliness of your website effortlessly.

The concept is straightforward: Simply input your URL into the test bar.

After that, Google promptly provides valuable insights and recommendations to address any issues and optimize your site for mobile devices.

The test results show a screenshot of your page's appearance on a mobile device.

Additionally, you receive a list of mobile usability problems that may hinder user experience on mobile devices.

These issues may encompass small font sizes that are challenging to read on smaller screens or the use of Flash, which is unsupported on most mobile devices.

Utilizing this tool does not require a Search Console account, nor do you need to be logged into your existing Search Console account if you have one. 



Wrapping It Up

With an increasing demand for convenience in customers' lives, the ecommerce industry is expected to witness substantial growth in the next decade.

That being said, managing and building an online store can be overwhelming.

Still, with the right free ecommerce marketing tools, you can succeed without overspending and disturbing your cash flow. 

These free ecommerce tools provide essential features to kickstart your business effectively.

As your business grows and becomes more successful, consider upgrading to the paid versions of specific tools to access advanced features and maintain a competitive edge.

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