May 12, 2023
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5 Best Amazon Inventory Management Software To Consider in 2023

If you're an Amazon seller with a lot of products to keep track of, inventory management can be a challenging task. 

To avoid running out of stock, you must monitor inventory levels, examine sales data, and replenish products promptly. 

Inventory management, order processing, labeling, and transport logistics are just some repetitive tasks you can computerize with the right software.

It can speed up processes, lessen the likelihood of mistakes, and save you time. 

So, if you are struggling with poor inventory management skills, it's time to change your approach and boost your efficiency.

If you want to learn more about choosing Amazon inventory management software that meets your specific needs and fits your budget, keep reading!

Why Do You Need Amazon Inventory Management Software?

As an Amazon seller, you are constantly dealing with inventory issues.

One of the most significant challenges is ensuring you have enough stock to meet demand without overstocking. It's a delicate balance – mishandling inventory can seriously affect your business.

Amazon inventory management software can help you keep track of your stock levels, forecast demand, and automate various tasks to streamline your operations.

With the right tool, you can avoid common inventory issues and keep your customers happy.

5 Best Amazon Inventory Management Software

1. SoStocked


SoStocked is an inventory management tool specifically designed for Amazon sellers that can assist with a wide range of tasks related to managing inventory.

This tool can help you address 10 key aspects of inventory management and forecasting, such as preventing over-ordering, under-ordering, late ordering and transferring, tracking orders and payments, managing spreadsheets, and bundles, reporting on purchase orders, handling multiple marketplaces, and avoiding expensive warehouse recounts.

By using SoStocked, you can gain greater control over inventory management and reduce the risk of costly errors.


Some of the features SoStocked offers include:

  • Multi-channel management allows you to manage your inventory not only on Amazon but also on multiple other marketplaces.
  • The customizable dashboard feature enables you to customize your dashboard to match your needs for product visualization.
  • Scanning the essential barcodes such as ASIN, SKU, FNSKU, and GTIN eliminates the possibility of manual errors.
  • Detecting stockout trends and identifying when total sales are lower than usual can help detect incidents such as account suspensions.
  •  Managing your Buffer or safety stock for better decisions before your inventory hits zero. 
  • Inventory timeline feature to track and assess sales and inventory patterns over time.
  • The forecasting modeling feature combines past sales data with future marketing strategies to produce estimated sales, ensuring precise ordering and preventing future stockouts due to seasonal spikes or additional sales growth.


Pricing is calculated based on the number of orders per month.

For example, if you have under 1,000 orders, the price is $158. If you have 500, you need to pay $250, and so on, up to $1,168 for 233,000 orders per month. 


Is SoStocked The Best Choice For You?

If you are a private label seller, you can use this tool to conveniently check your inventory levels, view your sales history, and receive notifications when inventory levels are running low.

The IPI/Restock limiter feature is particularly beneficial for those with inventory or restock restrictions on Amazon FBA, making it easier to keep items in stock.

Additionally, SoStocked can assist seasonal and wholesale sellers, too.

The tool's forecasting mechanism allows you to assess product trends based on previous sales numbers, giving insight into the current year's sales.

It is not, however, an ideal solution for retail arbitrage and Amazon sellers who use the FBM model.

2. RestockPro


RestockPro is a software tool designed for Amazon FBA sellers that generates restock suggestions and alerts for reordering.

In addition, it monitors various aspects of the inventory process, including purchase orders, FBA inbound shipments, and Amazon's receiving procedure.

By analyzing data, RestockPro can help you identify which products are most profitable to restock. Also, it generates reports you can receive daily via email.

The software enables you to input supplier lead times, cost details, minimum order quantities, and other important information to help you maximize profits and avoid stockouts.


RestockPro comes with a variety of features that can be beneficial to Amazon sellers, including:

1. Automatically calculate the profit margins for each of your products. This tool can help you identify which products are the most profitable and minimize the time they spend in an FBA fulfillment center. In addition, by stocking only the most profitable products, you can reduce your FBA storage fees.

2. Kit Optimizer helps you create different kits and track their sales history, profitability, and costs. 

3. Personalize and produce stickers that meet Amazon's guidelines. Then, once your inbound shipment is on its way, you can monitor its progress as Amazon accepts it.


Different plans are available depending on the number of monthly orders, starting from $49 to $249.


Is RestockPro The Best Choice For You?

Restock is software for Amazon sellers only. Hence, it may not be very beneficial if you operate on multiple platforms. However, for those who mainly sell on Amazon and require a simple and uncomplicated inventory management system, Restock may be a valuable tool to invest in.

3. Ordoro


Ordoro is a comprehensive platform designed to assist expanding online retailers in managing their businesses.

It offers specialized products and tools to enhance your workflow, including omnichannel inventory management.

Ordoro aims to make shipping easier for your company by streamlining the shipping process, focusing on fulfilling customer orders, and reducing wait times when ordering products.


The application's essential and advanced features include the following:

  • Inventory management allows integrations with ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, tracking and managing multiple warehouses, and purchasing orders.
  • Shipping management offers critical controls and automation for managing shipments and order fulfillment, including managing shipping postage and timelines. 
  • Built-in automation includes auto-sync, which allows for automatic inventory management, and valuable automation for processing and configuring shipping and order fulfillment workflows.
  • Multi-channel management feature supports ecommerce operators in unifying orders across all channels into a single back-end system. 
  • Barcode scanning and labeling capabilities can generate and print unique barcode labels.
  • Bundle and kit management features allow you to bundle multiple products into one kit.


Ordoro offers a Free but quite limited program and Advanced and Premium plans.


Is Ordoro The Best Choice For You?

The primary objective of Ordoro is to enhance the speed and efficiency of your supply chain, enabling you to receive products when needed, reduce inventory holding costs, and deliver orders promptly to your customers.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that Ordoro does not provide demand forecasting, manufacturing inventory features, or enterprise-level resources for larger companies.

Therefore, consider a different solution if you require Amazon inventory management software that can handle more complex retail and manufacturing requirements.

4. Skubana


Skubana is a platform for managing orders and inventory that integrates your sales channels, warehouses, and fulfillment operations.

The Skubana platform offers comprehensive support for direct-to-consumer (DTC), wholesale, and brick-and-mortar sales. It enables you to seamlessly manage inventory, bundling, and order fulfillment within an all-in-one business management system.

Moreover, Skubana's extensive app store provides access to a broad array of third-party integrations that enhance the platform's reach and capabilities, making it an ideal choice for businesses across different markets and industries.


Key features of the software include:

  • Real-time synchronization of multiple channels and warehouses, which streamlines managing various spreadsheets.
  • Order processing routes to multiple warehouses, making shipping flexible regardless of how you fulfill orders.
  • Cross-channel analytics helps businesses identify the most profitable channels and products, providing insights to drive the business forward.
  • Single-click replenishment that automates repetitive tasks and avoids out-of-stock situations. This feature enables businesses to reorder products and materials with one click.
  • Inventory optimization ensures product availability while reducing excess stock and inventory costs through demand forecasting and supply variable management.
  • Real-time analytics captures, processes, and shares all financial information instantly. This feature ensures data collection and query resolution within seconds.
  • Barcoding eliminates the possibility of human error and reduces inventory costs with fast and reliable barcoding.
  • Account integration provides a real-time view of all transactions. It accurately calculates job costing and commission with an integrated accounting system.


Skubana has a trying price of $999 per month.

Is Skubana The Right Choice For You?

Skubana manages a wide range of key business processes from a centralized cloud-based system, including ordering, fulfillment, purchasing, shipping, and reporting.

It is an excellent solution for businesses in the fashion, consumer electronics, retail, and consumer goods industries.

Still, it's quite a pricy option, aimed at high-profile companies with large orders.

5. Expandly


Expandly is a software tool designed for Amazon sellers that allows them to manage all retail activity in one place. In addition, it can integrate Amazon with eBay and offers a more affordable pricing option compared to other similar inventory management systems.

The tool can help you manage listings, orders, shipping, and real-time inventory.

While it provides a good number of integrations, it may have limited options for shipping carriers and disconnected integrations.

Overall, Expandly is a cost-effective solution for small Amazon sellers or multi-channel online retailers with a relatively low volume of orders.


Key features include:

  • Centrally managed listing lets you upload products to your sales channels quickly, listing them on numerous channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Wish and shopping carts such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and others.
  • Order management lets you view and track all your orders on a single screen.
  • Inventory management to sync and manage your stock levels
  • Multiple account integrations 
  • Direct integration with selected shipping carriers.


Expandly offers Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.


Is Expandly The Right Choice For You?

Expandly is a good choice for growing SMB and D2C ecommerce retailers that sell across multiple channels, especially Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Wish.

It can be especially beneficial for UK Amazon sellers because it integrates with Royal Mail and UK Mail, among others.

However, if you run a larger business, this may not be the right fit for you.


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