September 27, 2023
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12 Best Free Tools for Amazon Sellers

Being an Amazon seller is undoubtedly rewarding but sometimes very challenging.

While Amazon provides some essential seller tools, they may not be enough to give you a competitive edge.

The good news is that many helpful tools are available to make your Amazon selling journey easier.

These tools can assist with keyword research, product research, inventory management, customer reviews, improving your product listings, and managing advertising campaigns.

In this guide, we'll go over the best free tools for Amazon sellers to grow your Amazon business.

Let's start!

12 Best Free Tools for Amazon Sellers To Try Out Today

We have compiled a list of the best free tools for Amazon sellers that offer compelling benefits such as cost-effectiveness, access to essential data, and streamlined operations.

If you want to succeed on the Amazon platform without breaking the bank, read on!

1. CamelCamelCamel


One way to increase sales is to monitor your competitors' pricing strategies closely.

While various options are available for this purpose, CamelCamelCamel distinguishes itself by offering unique features.

It is a comprehensive price tracking tool with the invaluable function of sending timely price drop notifications.

These notifications are essential for sellers, as they allow you to stay up-to-date with market dynamics and adjust your pricing strategies accordingly to remain appealing and competitive to the customer base.

The most prominent features include: 

1. The Price History Charts feature lets you analyze the price fluctuations of multiple ASINs over time, including high, low, and average prices related to specific keywords. 

It's worth mentioning that although item availability and pricing are frequently refreshed, it's recommended, as stated on their official page, to "double-check prices on Amazon" due to potential delays or inaccuracies in these updates.

2. Email Alerts: Simplifies tracking by sending notifications to users whenever a competitor's price surpasses or drops below a predefined threshold.

3. Price Watch Management Interface lets you view your monitored products in a tabular format. It provides additional information such as product images, brief descriptions, the price at which it was initially tracked, the current price, and the desired price.


CamelCamelCamel stands out for its accessibility.

You can use their website for free or install the browser extension, which works seamlessly with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

2. Algopix


Effective data analysis is crucial for successful decision-making.

This is where Algopix shines, as it offers a robust platform for comprehensive data analysis across your marketplaces.

Algopix's reach extends to millions of products across various marketplaces, giving you essential insights like:

  • Estimated sales figures
  • Demand trends
  • Average selling prices
  • Level of competition in your niche

Together, this data paints a complete and detailed picture of how your product is performing within the marketplace, providing actionable insights to enhance your listings and strategy.


The basic version of Algopix is free, making it an attractive option for sellers looking to kickstart their data analysis journey without financial commitments.

As you explore the platform and experience firsthand the value it can bring to your business, you may find upgrading to a full-featured business account worthwhile.

3. Unicorn Smasher


If you're still figuring out what to sell on Amazon and need to conduct more product research, you're in luck. 

Unicorn Smasher is one of the best free tools for Amazon sellers that provides valuable insights by displaying relevant product data directly on the search page. 

This real-time data offers a snapshot of the market's current state for each product you're interested in.

Unicorn Smasher offers several features that can enhance your product research process:

  • It provides essential information such as product rank, estimated sales, projected revenue, reviews, and the average customer rating for a particular item.
  • For convenient future reference, you can bookmark promising products within the Unicorn Smasher dashboard.
  • The tool displays various product variations and their specifics, aiding you in selecting the optimal product choice.
  • You can easily export your research results to a CSV file, allowing you to archive them for later use or share them with your supplier.


This tool is available as a free Google Chrome extension, ensuring easy accessibility and convenience as you explore potential products and niches in your Amazon journey.

4. Veeqo


Veeqo simplifies the management of your multi-channel sales with a single, unified platform.

This consolidation enables you to manage your orders and inventory from one centralized location efficiently. 

Moreover, Veeqo offers enhanced visibility into your stock, allowing for precise and detailed control over your inventory operations.


What sets Veeqo apart is its accessibility, as it is completely free, for unlimited shipments per month.

5. Seller App


Within SellerApp's toolkit, you'll find various tools and features to optimize your product listings, identify high-converting keywords, and pinpoint top-selling products.

One standout feature of SellerApp is its product data analysis.

It provides valuable insights into profit margins, demand levels, and the competitive landscape.

Using these valuable insights, you can decide which products to offer, ultimately enhancing your chances of success on platforms like Amazon.


SellerApp offers an attractive proposition, with an unlimited free plan that provides access to essential tools and tracking features.

6. SellerSprite


If you're an Amazon seller looking to take your business strategies to the next level, SellerSprite can be an invaluable and versatile tool.

With this tool, you can access a comprehensive suite of features covering a broad spectrum of vital aspects of Amazon selling.

These features include powerful insights into:

  • Product research
  • Sales estimations
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Competitor analysis
  • Robust keyword research capabilities. 

Additionally, SellerSprite distinguishes itself with unique tools that go beyond the ordinary.

For instance, the Ads insights feature provides a valuable window into your competitors' advertising strategies, allowing you to monitor the performance of their ads and the structures they employ.

Also, SellerSprite harnesses the power of AI to swiftly generate smart lists and analyze and improve your products based on customer reviews. 


The extension is free to use, and if you enjoy it, you can switch to the premium, paid version of SellerSprite with additional features.

7. Guru Tools


Guru Tools stands out as one of the best free tools for Amazon sellers. These tools primarily focus on optimizing product listings and comprise the following:

  • Keywords on Fire-Lite

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Amazon, this tool provides accurate and up-to-date monthly search volume data for any keyword.

Moreover, it empowers you to identify the competitors driving the most traffic. Then, you can fine-tune your product listings to increase traffic and enhance conversion rates.

  • ASIN Index Checker

Verifying if your product is listed for all relevant keywords can take time and effort. The ASIN Index Checker tool simplifies this process, helping you discover keywords that may have been overlooked in your product listing, thereby boosting overall visibility.

  • FBA Calculator

Understanding the numerous fees that come with selling on Amazon is crucial.

Without a clear understanding of selling costs, it's easy to make misguided product investments or business decisions.

Luckily, the FBA Calculator tool eliminates all uncertainties by giving sellers insights into the types of fees they can expect.


ZonGuru offers a 7-day free trial for their comprehensive seller toolkit, encompassing 16 robust features designed to address every facet of FBA selling.

8. Bindwise


It's crucial to remain alert and pay attention to important details such as customer feedback, opportunities to improve your Amazon store's rankings, and any negative factors that could hinder your success.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't always provide alerts for these aspects, and it can be challenging for humans to observe everything.

As a result, it's easy to miss important information that could impact your business.

Here's where Bindwise comes to the rescue by acting as your comprehensive monitoring system, ensuring you get all vital developments.

It proactively sends you detailed alerts concerning issues that require your attention.

Here are the key features this tool offers:

  • Negative Buyer Reviews: Keep track of customer feedback to promptly address issues or concerns.
  • Amazon Buy Box Losses: Receive alerts when your products lose the Buy Box, enabling you to take action to regain this prime selling position.
  • Errors in Listings: Be informed about any listing errors that need correction to maintain a seamless customer shopping experience.
  • Suppressed Listings: Stay aware of suppressed listings so you can rectify issues and ensure your products are visible to potential buyers.
  • Other Sellers Hijacking or Piggybacking: Detect unauthorized sellers trying to exploit your listings and take necessary action to protect your brand and products.
  • Policy Violations: Be alerted to any policy violations that might go unnoticed.
  • Optimization Opportunities: Identify opportunities to enhance your listings and boost your sales and rankings.


Even with the free plan, you receive monitoring seven random days a month, a valuable step from being entirely uninformed.

Honorable Best Free Tools For Amazon Sellers To Try Out

1. PriceBlink

PriceBlink is a browser add-on that allows you to instantly view the lowest price of a specific item across various websites. 

It is highly advantageous for Amazon FBA sellers in two key ways:

1. Competitor Research: It lets you quickly identify the prices at which their items are sold on other platforms. Then, you can adjust your pricing strategies effectively.

2. Cost Optimization: PriceBlink assists in the quest for the best prices on materials and products essential for your business. This cost-saving feature helps identify budget-friendly sources for the required supplies, ultimately enhancing profitability.

2. Amazon FBA Calculator

The Amazon FBA Calculator offers an array of supplementary data, including:

  • Current sales rank, 
  • 7-day and 30-day average sales rank
  • Current price
  • 7-day and 30-day average sellers' prices.

These details are conveniently integrated into the calculator, streamlining the process of estimating profit, revenue, ROI, and more.

Furthermore, you can generate a shareable link to the results, facilitating seamless discussions with your team members or business partners.

3. AMZ Finder

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in two key aspects:

AMZ Finder streamlines the garnering of reviews through automated email outreach, offering a generous allocation of 500 free monthly emails.

While there are paid subscription options that permit a higher volume of emails, the 500 monthly emails should be more than enough for most beginners in the Amazon seller community.

4. AMZ Super URL Tool

Crafting custom links for your products can positively impact your rankings and overall performance on Amazon.

The AMZ Super URL Tool is purpose-built to simplify the creation of these customized links.

It incorporates distinct elements, including:

  • Your Brand Name: Personalizing the link with your brand identity.
  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number): A unique identifier for your product on Amazon.
  • An Exclusive Keyword: Incorporating a specific keyword to enhance search visibility.
  • Add-to-Cart Redirect: A feature that directs customers to add the product directly to their cart.
  • 'Buy Together' Redirect (For Product Kitting): If you're bundling products, this redirect option encourages customers to purchase them together.

With the AMZ Super URL Tool, all you need to do is provide these details, and the tool effortlessly generates the custom link for you, improving your Amazon products' performance and ranking.

How Can Myos Help You?

Boosting your Amazon sales doesn't have to be super complicated.

With a wealth of free tools for Amazon sellers and resources, you can fine-tune your shop(s) and construct a robust sales strategy.

You can keep focusing on your strengths, like building a great brand, getting new customers, keeping the old ones happy, and increasing your earnings.

And if you ever need a financial boost, Myos is here for you.

We've helped over 1,000 ecommerce owners earn more, manage their cash flow, and keep their products in stock.

Myos has developed different financing solutions specially tailored for the ecommerce industry – Only products as collateral. There are no fixed costs or personal risks, with flexible repayment at any time.


1. Purchase financing – Never run out of stock. Place orders from your manufacturer as usual while we handle your deposit or balance payment.


2. Stock financing – Use your current inventory to get new growth capital quickly and invest it to your needs – marketing, new product launch, transportation costs, etc.


With a simple, 3-step online application process, you can secure €10.000-2.500.000 for your ecommerce store and grow 5 times faster!

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