February 16, 2023
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Nikolaus Hilgenfeldt
Myos Pulse

Myos Pulse 3: We need to talk about inventory

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We're bringing you some hand-picked articles from our blog that you don't want to miss. In today’s letter we will talk about all things inventory — how to (and how not to!) manage your inventory, typical mistakes to avoid, and where to get money if your next purchase requires more cash precisely when you don’t have it. 

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Inventory Management Tips

Did you know that 7% of small businesses don’t perform any sort of inventory management at all, and over 50% don’t do it properly? If you are one of these sellers, there are 5 steps you can already take now, and one of them starts with reading this article.

Inventory Management Mistakes

If you are a more experienced seller, we prepared something for you as well. Here we discuss a full spectrum of possible issues with your current inventory management system from not measuring supply chain KPIs to conducting infrequent inventories.

Inventory Financing

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you need to place a new big order, but your current cash flow is insufficient to cover the down payment? Inventory financing is made just for that, and it is one of the core features we at Myos provide. Deep dive into what it is, what the requirements and processes are — in our new definitive guide.

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