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About Wolfgangs

Private label outdoor knives & accessories

Top-of-the-class knives improved to perfection through customer feedback and wishes

Founded in: 2017
Founder: Philipp Bugert


The Challenge

Low stock in high season

Running out of stock has always been the biggest hurdle for Wolfgangs — the company didn’t have enough capital to purchase sufficient inventory to meet the seasonal demand. After facing a low stock level before the Black Friday and losing potential sales (300-400% compared to summer sales), they started looking for external ways of financing.

“We learned that bootstrapping is a decent strategy in the beginning, but if you want to grow - you absolutely need other financing sources”, says Philipp.

The Solution

Inventory financing

With Myos inventory financing, Wolfgans were able to solve the insufficient capital issue and place larger orders when they needed it, especially before the summer and holiday seasons. Compared to loans with traditional banks where you need to submit countless documents, the process with Myos was quick with financing coming through in a week. Since 2020, Wolfgangs has become one of the oldest and biggest Myos customers.


“We were able to achieve much more flexible financing and liquidity. When we need goods, we simply buy them for free and can plan our cash flow very well. Since we started using Myos, we were able to have sufficient stock and reduce our OOS phases significantly”.

Philipp Bugert
Founder of Wolfgangs

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