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About Bumpli

Everyday product for families with children

Amazon #1 Best seller that makes everyday lives of families with children easier

Founded in: 2020
Founder: Enis Ayari


The Challenge

Early growth & profitability

It was challenging for Bumpli to further scale up, doubling its profits YoY because of a lack of extra cash to maintain the necessary inventory levels to meet the increasing demand. Enis identified the need for funding to overcome this challenge since the company had no trouble selling products, but cash flow was the main issue. Therefore, obtaining funds to support inventory purchasing was crucial for Bumpli’s growth.

The Solution

Inventory financing

Bumpli chose Myos due to the flexible financing terms, and especially the great team behind the company. Inventory financing ended up being the right way to grow a brand in the ecommerce space, Enis adds. As a result, Bumpli improved its cash flow, increased its stock, and achieved over 10% net income.


“Myos is now the strongest partner in my financing structure and without your straightforward process I would not be able to grow the way I plan to grow with you. Next year, with your help, we can continue to grow up to 80% without new major product launches, with over 10% EBIT on €5-6m revenue in 2023. ”


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