January 27, 2023
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Nikolaus Hilgenfeldt

11 Revenue-Based Financing Companies To Consider in 2023

As revenue-based financing companies are becoming more popular, there is an increased demand for their services. 

They help small businesses and startups increase their growth and get the ability to fight with big players.

RBF is reimbursed based on a proportion of future sales, as opposed to conventional loans, which are returned with interest. 

So for companies that are expanding fast and have a lot of promise for future income, this might be a fantastic alternative.

But choosing the right partner can be a trial and error process, and it's not a decision you should rush.

We compiled the list of best revenue-based financing companies in Europe, accompanied by some from America.

So, if you're ready to learn more about what company makes your perfect match, keep reading!

11 Revenue-Based Financing Companies Worth Checking Out

With so many revenue-based financing companies on the market, it is challenging to set your mind on just one. 

Although they all have their advantages, what works for someone else, may not work for your needs.

So, let's see what these revenue-based financing companies have to offer.

1. Myos


Based in: Germany, Europe

Sector: SaaS, ecommerce, subscription, D2C, mobile apps.

Amount of funding:  £100K to £2.5M

Myos is an asset-based finance company supporting sellers worldwide to accelerate their growth. 

With its revolutionary, AI-enabled risk assessment algorithm, the 2018-founded company continues to pioneer new territory.

It provides working capital loans ranging from £100,000 to £2,000,000 with a monthly cost of 1% to 3% of the total amount borrowed. 

In contrast to conventional lending methods, Myos uses artificial intelligence to analyze the market position of merchants' online goods using information from sites like Amazon or Google Shopping.

Myos accepts the sellers' inventory or new orders as collateral instead of personal guarantees. 

As no personal guarantees or credit checks are needed, the transaction is sped up for the seller.

Also, the payback can be spread out over 24 months with flexibility. 

You can use these funds as operating, expansion, or working capital to increase marketing expenditures, expand product lines, or fill out inventories.

Myos Pros

✅ Unlike other revenue-based financing companies, Myos offers funding for businesses that have been running for 2 months

✅ There is no minimum monthly turnover required

✅ Credit volume ranges between £10K - £1,5M

✅ Maximal duration of the funding period is 24 months

✅ No personal guarantee, no hidden fees

✅ Free quota for assessing your funding eligibility

✅ Excellent Trustpilot ranking

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • You have a registered office in the European Union (EU) or the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Your company has been in business for at least 6 months.
  • Trading history for at least 50 days.

2. Ritmo


Based in: Spain, Europe

Sector: ecommerce, app and game developers, SaaS companies, direct-to-consumer companies.

Amount of funding: £5K to £3M

Ritmo is a revenue-based financing company established in 2021 in Spain that provides startup funding.

Ritmo offers funding for businesses in Europe and Latin America, ranging from £50K to £3M.

The money may be invested in online marketing campaigns, new markets, catalog expansion, etc., to promote the growth of your online store.

Unlike conventional venture capital firms or bank loans, Ritmo charges a set rate for repayments and does not need stock shares or personal guarantees. 

Additionally, there are no extra expenses.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • If, in the previous six months, you have earned at least £10K every month on average.
  • You have a minimum of 12 months' revenue history and reliable company data.
  • You've proven investment in significant performance marketing platforms for at least six months (Google, Facebook Ads & Amazon Ads)
  • You process payments through online checkout.

3. Booste


Based in: Poland, Europe

Sector: ecommerce

Amount of funding: up to £25K

Booste is a revenue-based finance company established in 2020 and primarily targets startups in Europe. 

The company offers ecommerce business loans with flexible payback terms and no due dates under a straightforward financing concept to participants in the industry.

The applicant company's income will determine the actual grant amount. 

Like VCs and banks, Booste does not need any equity or personal guarantees in exchange for repayments. Instead, it charges a flat rate of 6%.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Businesses selling on Allegro or Amazon with a trade history of at least 6 months
  • If you need funding to purchase goods, pay for online advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) or services provided by marketing agencies, Allegro commissions, or courier commissions.

4. Karmen


Based in: France, Europe

Sector: ecommerce, SaaS, Startup

Amount of funding: Karmen can finance up to 40% of your yearly turnover for the initial application, up to a maximum of €5M.

Like other revenue-based financing companies, Karmen provides startup funding for SaaS software developers, subscription businesses, direct-to-consumer brands, service providers, and other businesses with recurring income sources.

This company charges a specific, transparent commission on the entire financing.

The fee ranges from 3 to 8%, based on the amount, the maximum 12-month payback period, and your company's score.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Company or entity based in France, since Karmen doesn't offer to fund for those outside its country
  • 9 months of commercial activity
  • 10,000 € of monthly income

5. Re:cap


Based in: Germany, Europe

Sector: Saas

Amount of funding: Re:cap offers up to 60% of your current ARR in upfront capital.

Re:cap is a revenue-based financing company with offices in Germany that provides funding for business operations throughout Europe. 

It was founded in 2021, and solely provides funding for software businesses with subscription-based business models.

This company offers up to 50% of recurring revenue annually. 

Re:cap charges a fixed interest rate for repayment and doesn't need equity share security in exchange for the investments.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Subscription business models
  • The EU-based company, at least partially based in Europe
  • You have a cushion of at least six months' worth of funding and either profitability or break-even status.

6. Silvr


Based in: France, Europe

Sector: SaaS, ecommerce – D2C brands, DNVB, e-shops, and marketplaces.

Amount of funding: €10,000 to €10M

Silvr, one of Europe's most well-known revenue-based financing companies, was established in France in 2020. 

The applicant businesses must have a minimum monthly recurring income of €10k to be eligible for funding from Silvr. 

Silvr exclusively provides funding for SaaS and ecommerce businesses and levies a monthly interest rate for repayment. 

No ownership stake or security is required as payment for investments with this company.

You can use this funding to buy stocks and ads, pay your suppliers, or expand your team.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Businesses with 6 months of activity
  • At least 10,000 € of monthly turnover
  • Over 2,000 € of monthly paid media expenditure

7. Clearco


Based in: Toronto, Canada

Sector: SaaS, mobile applications, and ecommerce industries.

Amount of funding:  $10K to $20M.

Clearco started in 2015 as a revenue-based financing company. It has physical locations in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland.

This company provides financial aid to ecommerce brands without needing equity so that they can expand confidently. Furthermore, Clearco aids with handling invoice payments, providing extra liquidity that lets ecommerce companies plan their future.

Clearco will determine your anticipated financial capacity based on the self-reported monthly income you have provided over the last six months.

The applicant businesses must generate more than $10,000 in monthly sales, and they must be corporations or limited liability entities.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • 6+ months of revenue greater than $10k/month from connected sales platform(s) corporations or limited liability companies
  • Businesses must be incorporated in the United States of America
  • Must have a valid US checking bank account, employer identification number (EIN), and one piece of Government issued identification (photo of ID, front and back).

8. Uncapped


Based in: United Kingdom

Sector: ecommerce, SaaS, direct-to-consumer, gaming, and app development.

Amount of funding: €100K to €10M

Uncapped is a relative newcomer to revenue-based financing companies. 

The company, which provides money for business owners who desire it, was founded by founders for founders.

The platform's zero-equity, the no-security strategy, offers flexible periods so that no one is taken off guard by repayments. 

It also provides insight tools that business owners may use to identify chances for expansion. 

Uncapped provides financing to company owners who wish to increase their advertising budgets, buy more products, hire more employees, or build larger teams.

Additionally, finance collected for various reasons is subject to fees (6% to 12%). As a result, depending on how you utilize the money, you would have a varying cost of capital.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Limited Companies with at least six months of trading history
  • Businesses with minimum revenue of at least €10k of monthly sales and processing +40% of payments online

9. Viceversa

Based in: Milan, Italy

Sector: SAAS, online retail & ecommerce, subscription-based businesses, marketplaces, apps & games.

Amount of funding: €10K to €1M 

In 2020, Viceversa was founded to revolutionize the European finance landscape.

They provide very specialized services because the primary beneficiaries of their investment are digital businesses looking to increase their internet advertising.

Compared to certain other revenue-based financing companies, Viceversa also levies various fees. 

They demand you to repay a multiple (1.05X to 1.10X) of the financing you received rather than collecting a percentage charge (for example, 8% of funding as the fee).

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Businesses with more than 6 months of online sales
  • Monthly revenues equal to/above 10,000€
  • With an online marketing budget above 10,000€

10. Wayflyer


Based in: Dublin, Ireland

Sector: ecommerce

Amount of funding: $10K to $20M

Wayflyer focuses on assisting ecommerce businesses with company expansion.

You will also access an analytics platform if you get revenue-based financing from Wayflyer. 

The platform offers marketing-related data and recommendations that you can use to improve and enhance the strategic choices of your business.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Ecommerce business selling products online for at least 6 months
  • At least $20,000 in average monthly online revenue
  • If you are incorporated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, or Sweden.

11. Outfund


Based in: UK

Sector: SaaS, Subscription, Ecommerce, Mobile App, B2B

Amount of funding: £10K to £10M.

The largest ecommerce investor in the UK is Outfund, a startup that focuses on revenue-based financing. 

This company has a physical presence in the UK, the USA, Spain, and Australia and was established in 2017.

Using monthly income as a reference, Outfund, like other revenue-based financing companies, provides upfront funding within 24 hours in exchange for a tiny portion of future revenues.

Outfund's minimum funding is £10k. However, they may invest up to £2M. 

You pay back when your sales come in, so their success relies on yours. Repayments also decrease as revenues do.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

  • Businesses that are 6+ months in business
  • If you have a minimum of £10k+ monthly revenue


Which revenue-based financing company is the most suitable for you? It relies on several factors:

1. Location – For instance, most revenue-based financing companies only offer loans to businesses based on where you are located

In addition, you will be automatically excluded if your business is located distant from the possible finance partner.

For example, Clearco wouldn't be your best option in Europe.

2. Offerings – Next, ensure that the revenue-based financing company provides its services to your industry.

Understanding the specific offerings of various revenue-based financing companies will not only satisfy predetermined requirements. It also guarantees you acquire a supportive ally who perceives your company's necessities.

3. Criteria – Then, of course, check if you are eligible for getting the loan and if getting the quote is free or comes with some cost.

4. Obligations and requirements – And lastly, but certainly very important – ensure you understand all the terms and conditions revenue-based financing companies offer. 

For example –  the overall cost, terms of funding, and collateral requirement.

So, if we could be biased, we would say that Myos ticks all the boxes.

And on top of all that, you can get an offer in 24 hours, just after filling in the product's ASINs or EANs and telling us how you scout and fulfill your orders.


So, join Myos today and see how we accelerate your business in no time!

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