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Ekaterina Peshkina
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Myos is now financing e-commerce sellers with their own warehouse operations

The E-commerce market has been continuously facing new challenges in the past years. Volatile supply chain, rising costs for raw material, and increased ad spend to keep up volumes, among others, are putting pressure on profit margins, making sellers look out for new opportunities, and service providers—adapt and find new solutions. 

For the past years, Myos’ main focus was on funding merchants that work with third party logistics (3PL) providers for their warehousing, as well as potential fulfillment. As we have the mission to make working capital accessible to as many sellers as possible, it is time for us to expand our service beyond 3PLs.

Today, we are beyond excited to announce that Myos is now providing financing to merchants with their own warehouse operations! You can now get asset-based working capital funding from Myos for up to €2.500.000.

Nikolaus Hilgenfeldt, Myos CEO
“Seeing how a lot of sellers prefer to store inventory in their own warehouses instead of using 3PLs, we see this as a great opportunity for Myos to offer a solution for them. We have always meant to support this category of sellers as well. Now we are finally able to meet their needs, thanks to advances in our AI-based scoring and modern inventory tracking solutions”.

If you fulfill orders in-house and would like to get working capital from Myos, additional eligibility criteria apply: 

  • Your past 12 months’ revenues should surpass £1.000.000;
  • You should have dedicated employees for logistics/warehouse operations;
  • We will require you to provide access to any kind of ERP or warehousing software you use for regular tracking of inventory levels.

Once you have applied for funding, you will receive an offer for working capital with a flexible repayment schedule for up to 24 month for German and UK sellers. Let Myos fund your e-commerce business and enable its growth like you never thought was possible. 

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