Stock Finance: boost
your working capital

Simply use your current inventory to get new working capital quickly. We evaluate your products according to their popularity in marketplaces, not just by their purchase price. We only use portions of your inventory as security, so we don't require any personal guarantees from you.

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Benefits of Myos Stock Finance

Workflow diagram and cog

Easy processing

Forget long forms or stacks
of paperwork, financing with Myos is fast, simple, and straightforward, from starting an application online to getting paid out.

Shield and document

Goods as collateral

A finance solution which comes without personal risk or guarantees - we merely hold portions of your inventory as security.

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Flexible repayment

Repay as your turnover allows. All without set up fees and extra costs.

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Free usage

Use the capital as you see fit. Use it to place new orders or invest in marketing - you decide.

Stock financing at a glance

How does Myos Stock Finance work?

Myos Stock finance is simple and easy, you  assigns part of your inventory to Myos and receice finance in return. Use your increase in working capital as you chose. Infographic explaining the Myos stock financing.

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Example stock financing

You sell fitness products online (yoga mats, gymnastic balls etc.) and need money to launch dumbbells as another product.

You have 5,200 yoga mats and 4,700 gymnastic balls in stock. We evaluate your mats and gym balls and determine the finance volume which we can provide for the products. The yoga mats and gymnastic balls will stay at your storage service provider, Myos will be assigned a portion as collateral and you will receive your financing. With the additional liquidity, you can relax and launch your dumbbells and invest in marketing activities to increase the visibility of your your new products.

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