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Order more, sell more, never run out of stock. Place orders from your manufacturer as usual while we take care of your deposit or balance payment. Accelerate your growth and remain flexible with additional capital.

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Benefits of financing your orders with Myos

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No manufacturer contact

At no point will not contact your  suppliers or customers and thus protect your competitive advantage.

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No personal guarantee

Other finance providers will require you to  guarantee with your personal equity such as your home. Myos instead assigns a proportion of your goods as security.

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Flexible repayment

You decide when you settle the financing. Repay according to what your turnover allows.
Tailor the finance to your needs.

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Quick verification

We primarily look at the performance of your products and avoid the usual paperwork that banks require.

Purchase financing at a glance

How does purchase financing work with Myos?

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Example purchase finance for eCommerce

You are selling BBQs and would like to place a bulk order of over £100,000 with your manufacturer as summer is fast approaching and you are expecting a lot of demand. From paying the manufacturer to production to the products arriving in your inventory, 5 months can easily pass where the money you've paid isn't generating a profit for you. Finance the order with Myos and reclaim your cash flow.

Place the bulk order with your supplier. We take care of the down payment and/or balance payment. Your order is delivered to your chosen warehouse service provider. You will receive a free quantity of grills so that you can start selling immediately. When you need more grills, you simply pay back part of the financing amount and in return, you get the grills released for you to sell.
Thanks to Myos, you can boost the growth of your business and prepare for your peak season.

"Thanks to the help of Myos, we are able to close the delta in equity in the pre-financing of goods and thus place larger order volumes. In times of high freight rates, this is in fact our main strategy."

Headshot of Mirza Halimovic
Mirza Halimovic

"In terms of cash flow, we count on the support of Myos: without pre-financing of goods, our targets for Q4 would not be feasible."

Headshot of Benjamin Rettinger
Benjamin Rettinger
founder of WLDOHO

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