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Chose Myos to organise your finance - and chose Myos for liquidity.
Myos is the first ever product-backed finance solution for e-Commerce traders and perfect for your business growth. Tailored to suit your needs with a focus on your products and completely withour personal guarantees. Apply now for a free quote.

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Our financing types at a glance

Shopping trolley and ATM card

Purchase Financing

We will take care of the deposit and balance payment of your order. If you have already paid for the goods, you will get the money back from Myos.

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Warehouse and items

Stock Financing

Leverage your current inventory and fuel your growth. You assign a portion of your stock as collateral and get capital in return.

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money and arrows

Cross Financing

We offer you flexible use of funds based on your current products - our alternative to factoring.

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AI-powered e-commerce funding

The Myos financing concept was developed by merchants for merchants and is optimised for you.

It is often hard for small sellers to receive funding based on their short credit history or small turnaround.

We help you grow and avoid the disadvantages of traditional credit providers through our AI-based scoring model—based on the future performance of your products, not your credit history.


Easy processing

No long forms, no endless back and forth. Request a quote online, evaluate, and decide.


Products as collateral

Myos reduces your personal financial risk. We do not need any guarantees from you: we merely hold on to part of your product as security until you need it.


Flexible repayment

Repay flexibly when you have generated sales— without instalments, payment plans, or fixed fees!


Multi-purpose funding

Use the funds however you see fit. Invest in your marketing or test new products. You decide!

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