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Myos offers merchants a radically new way of financing working capital quickly and easily: focused on commercial products, AI and data-driven, without annuities or personal guarantees. The idea was born out of the personal working capital needs of online merchants we knew personally - and the resulting frustration with the existing financing options.
A look back

Developed by merchants for merchants

The concept behind Myos stems from a befriended merchant who had difficulties raising working capital for the growth of his online shop - despite good figures and visibility on Amazon.

Most banks or fintechs evaluate according to classical risk metrics instead of focusing on the products and their sales potential. What was missing was a solution that would meet the requirements of fast-moving online business and break new ground in risk assessment.

Shortly afterward, at the beginning of 2018, Myos was founded: The world's first asset-based finance for online sellers.





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Our management

Our management team has over 40 years of experience in finance, tech, and company building. With Myos as the world's first global product-backed working capital provider, we are now breaking new ground together. We are using our disruptive, AI-based risk-scoring model as the cornerstone for this.

myos avatar nikolaus hilgenfeldt

Nikolaus Hilgenfeldt

CEO & founder
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myos avatar benjamin schickert

Benjamin Schickert

CFO & founder
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myos avatar tim von hörsten

Tim von Hörsten

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Rethinking trade finance together

We are a team of 50 colleagues who work with great commitment and passion every day to become even faster and better for you. We are a motley team with many different backgrounds and levels of experience. And this is exactly what makes a fast-growing company like Myos, because this is the only way we can react agilely to changes and uncertainty in the market and use our expert knowledge and ideas to lead Myos and our customers to success!

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Previously ...

March: Myos is launched

July: Go-Live with Deutsche Handelsbank > first Loan in Germany

October: First loan in Austria

Mehrere Bilder, die aufgereiht an der Wand hängen. Auf dem ersten Bild steht der Schriftzug "GET SHIT DONE".
Myos App mit Übersicht von Produktbestellungen für Händler.

February: Go-Live Myos 2.0 with the Raisin Bank and a more flexible credit model

October: First Myos Meetup with Christian Otto Kelm

December: Financial statements 2019 with over 450% growth compared to the previous year

April: more flexible method of payment e.g. directly to the supplier

August: New support portal clarifying questions surrounding Myos

September: Winner of the FinTech Germany award in the category Early Stage

Die beiden Myos Gründer Benjamin Schickert und Nikolaus Hilgenfeldt stehen auf einer Bühne und empfangen den Fintech Germany Award 2020 Preis.
6 seedlings on coins, each growing in size and the amount of coins they are on

February: 1,000th loan signed

March: Closing of Series A financing round for €25 million

August: First loan in Estonia

September: Launched financing of stock in the USA

March: First loan in the United Kingdom

April: Senior funding extension to 50m€

July: Summer retreat in Austria with 35 Myos team members

October: Record monthly loan sales of 9.5 m€ with 162 loans

Team photo with snow background

March: Began collaborating with OFX and Shopware to expand ecommerce solutions

April: New app feature highlighting 30+ partner offers to our customers; Myos celebrates its 5th anniversary

June: Finalists for Mastercard's Central European Fintech Forum in Berlin (we are one of six finalists selected from previous events held in Athens, Berlin, and Prague)

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