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You have built a successful business or brand and now the time has come to move on to something else? At Myos, we have a deep understanding of the products you offer, we can actually value your product listings and not just the trade price. We're well connected and will assist you in finding the ideal partner for the sale.

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Selling you business

Straightforward selling with Myos


1. Request

Complete the short online form and provide a few details about your company. Alternatively, email us at


2. Validation

We validate your business or brand using our access to various data on markets and products.


3. Arrangement

We locate and connect you with the right buyer and assist you along the way.

Choose Myos as your ideal partner

Our sophisticated forecasting algorithms enable us to demonstrate the real value of your business to potential buyers. Often this will lead to a higher evaluation of your business or brand. Use the Myos-advantage to your advantage and let us assist you:

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Sale of business and sale of brand with Myos

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Quick request

Send your request in just a few minutes and receive an initial evaluation.

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We know your products

The valuation of products is at the heart of our business. Use our data to your advantage.

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Strong network

We have a large network of potential and, most importantly, credible buyers.

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E-commerce experience

We understand what e-commerce is all about and know matters to you.

Your extra Myos advantage

Myos offers financial support during the sale of a business or brand.

Your buyer can finance the purchase of your existing stock through Myos. That way your buyer needs to raise less funding and can start right away with Myos as a strong finance partner. This also lowers the risk for your buyer.

Signing over finance is quick and easy:
You and your buyer simply apply for finance with us, you can even do this whilst still in negotiation. We will value your stock within 24 hours.

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