Inventory Financing Loans For Your Online Store

We’re helping e-commerce sellers get inventory financing up to £2.5m quickly, without requiring any ownership stakes in return or personal guarantees.

Top E-commerce businesses continuously lack liquidity, which prevents their growth.

Liquidity shortfalls

Top selling products lead to increased demand, so merchants are purchasing higher quantities to be able to deliver. This results in short-term liquidity shortfalls.

Lack of flexibility

Merchants use most of their cash flow to purchase top-selling products. As a result, flexibility decreases, and leading merchants cannot test any more products or invest in marketing.

Limited growth

Merchants mainly invest in top products, and only a few products generate growth. This leads to enormously increased dependence on top products, limiting their growth.

Inventory financing made easy

What Can You Use the Funds For

A company's inventory is essential to its success, particularly if it is not service-based. It ensures customers are satisfied and that the business can keep running. Even if a business is doing well, it may require additional funds at some point.

What would be the top priority:‍
- Increase stock level
- Finance your marketing
- Open a new store
- Expand your team
- Carry out renovations

Get your business loan in three easy steps

Myos App new financing request in dashboard

Apply in 5 minutes

No documents or private data required. We conduct AI product check based on open data. Just fill in your product's ASINs or EANs and tell us how you scout and fulfill your orders, and get an offer in 24 hours!

Myos app running financing project in dashboard

Get the money for your growth

We pay out your growth capital either after production, dispatch, or arrival of your goods. You can start selling a partial amount of goods immediately.

Myos app financing repayment in dashboard

Redeem your goods

After successful sales, you can settle part of the financing and we will release further inventory accordingly. You simply repeat this until the financing is completely settled and all products are released.

Example of an e-commerce inventory financing

Easy e-commerce inventory financing for faster growth

No guarantees, no personal risk

We operate completely without personal guarantees, so you can fully focus on the growth of your business.

Flexible repayment, no extra costs

You can pay back at any time within 24 months. If you realize after a week that you don't need the money anymore, simply pay it back, and the Myos project is finished. Without any extra costs.

No contact with suppliers and customers

We don't buy the goods or sell them to you as a middleman or fine trader would. We don't contact suppliers or customers and we protect your competitiveness advantage.

Quick and easy processing

With Myos, you don't have to present an economic analysis annual accounts, or business plans. First and foremost, we look at your products. Apply for your financing quickly and easily online, without long forms or a lot of paperwork.

Always available for you

We handle our projects online and digitally. Nevertheless, we care about personalized service and are always available to answer your questions. Just call us, write to us in the chat, or send us an e-mail. Or you can visit us at trade fairs or in our Berlin/London office, we look forward to meeting you!

Sales growth & cost reduction

For you as a trader, there is nothing worse than being out of stock and unable to deliver goods. No turnover is generated, and the product's visibility suffers if nothing is sold. Thanks to Myos, you can grow without worries and always have enough cash flow to be able to deliver.

Time Table

Example of a financing process

March, 12th

You receive a confirmation of the approved loan amount and send us back the signed contract.


March, 21st

You receive the payment from Myos to your deposit account.


May, 28th

You redeem the first batch of your stock (e.g 10%) and repay a part of the loan back (also 10%).


June, 20th

You redeem the second batch of your stock (e.g 50%) and repay a part of the loan (also 50%) back.


July, 31st

You redeem the last batch of your goods and repay the rest of the loan back.


Customer stories

Trusted financing partner for over 1,000 sellers

Headshot of Benjamin Rettinger
Benjamin Rettinger
founder of WLDOHO

"In terms of cash flow, we count on the support of Myos: without pre-financing of goods, our targets for Q4 would not be feasible."

Headshot of Mirza Halimovic
Mirza Halimovic

"Thanks to the help of Myos, we are able to close the delta in equity in the pre-financing of goods and thus place larger order volumes. In times of high freight rates, this is in fact our main strategy."

Headshot of Enis Ayari
Enis Ayari

"We have been using Myos for over a year now and have already received over 450k EUR for product purchase finance and are really really happy with Myos as our financing partner."

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