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Get €10.000-2.500.000 for your ecommerce store. Order more & grow faster with asset-based working capital finance — no fixed costs, no personal guarantees, flexible repayment at any time.

Flexible repayment at any time


Maximum funding amount


Our customers' revenue growth

Benefits with Myos

Asset-based finance for faster growth

Fast process

Apply in 5 minutes and
get funding in 3 easy steps

Stay flexible

Enjoy a repayment term
for up to 12 months

No personal guarantees

We take only the product
you sell as security

No fixed costs

Pay only for what you need,
no early repayment penalty

100% customer-friendly

Your personal Account Manager
is always there for you

Use our network

200+ warehouses and 70+
partners in the Myos ecosystem

Customer stories

Trusted financing partner for over 1,000 sellers

Headshot of Benjamin Rettinger
Benjamin Rettinger
founder of WLDOHO

"In terms of cash flow, we count on the support of Myos: without pre-financing of goods, our targets for Q4 would not be feasible."

Headshot of Mirza Halimovic
Mirza Halimovic

"Thanks to the help of Myos, we are able to close the delta in equity in the pre-financing of goods and thus place larger order volumes. In times of high freight rates, this is in fact our main strategy."

Headshot of Enis Ayari
Enis Ayari

"We have been using Myos for over a year now and have already received over 450k EUR for product purchase finance and are really really happy with Myos as our financing partner."

How it works

Funding with Myos
in 3 easy steps

Apply in 5 minutes
Get the money for your growth
Redeem your goods

Who we finance

Ecommerce sellers

For online sellers

Whether you sell D2C or on a marketplace such as Amazon

50 days of sales

You should be in business for >6 months, selling the financed products for at least 50 days

No revenue threshold

We work both with small and big sellers and can find the right solution for you

Fair Conditions

Simply pay per use.
No minimum term. No fixed fees.

With Myos, you don't have to pay a fixed or lump sum that would penalize you if you repaid the funding earlier. You only pay a monthly fee on the outstanding capital. Your %-fee depends on your product scoring. If you repay earlier, you will pay less.

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